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I was full of positive impressions when I came back home after the treatment at the clinic “All-Russian Center for Ocular and Plastic Surgery” in Ufa, Russia. During our stay at the clinic, we were accompanied with a guide all the time, whose 24h help and support meant a lot. I was at the clinic in the period from February 25 to March 03 of 2018, where I had undergone successful operations on both eyes. Detailed examinations were done before the surgery, and later the therapy after the operation, when I was instructed about the exercises that I should take to improve my vision. My mother was there with me as my companion, and both of us felt comfortable at the clinic, thanks to the kind staff of the clinic and the comfortable accommodation. I did not have the impression I was at the hospital; the home atmosphere could be felt around. All staff members at the clinic, led by professor Muldašev who operated on me were pleasant and kind. A large number of satisfied patients at the clinic could tell us a lot about the success of this kind of treatment. I will visit the clinic again in 6 months. I hope for a positive outcome. A lot of patience is required, but every effort is worth it. I recommend everyone to try and recover their eyesight at Ufa.


24 yr. student, Šabac, Serbia

As a grandmother, I am delighted and more than satisfied, having in mind the fact that the doctors in Banja Luka were skeptical about the Alloplant method – they told me it could not help and that it would be the same as if they were sending us to a quack doctor. I stayed with my daughter and Sunčica at the clinic “All-Russian Center for Ocular and Plastic Surgery” Ufa from February 25 to March 03 of 2018, when the surgery on her eyes was performed. I could say, two days after the operation, especially after the Aura, the situation rapidly improved. Everything went better and there was a smile on the face of the child, and it meant a lot to us. The clinic deserves only the best words. The staff is at an enviable level, the food is solid.


Grandma of SUNČICA IVANKOVIĆ, 6 yr. from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

My husband and I took our daughter to the “All-Russian Center for Ocular and Plastic Surgery” clinic in Ufi, Russia to solve eye problems. We stayed there from February 25 to March 03, 2018, with a larger group of patients. I could say that everything went fine, the operation was done successfully. We are very satisfied with the hospital, the staff, especially the doctors who have done everything to make our daughter’s eyesight better. The complete organization at the hospital and by the Elite Medical from Belgrade is at a high level. Everything that was agreed was respected.


DIANA JONOVSKA nurse, mother of EVGENIJA JONOVSKI, 14 yr. from Prilep, Macedonia