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Moscow State University, MV Lomonosov

The best Russian University Lomonosov is also among the best universities of BRICS

The central tower with 36 floors, 240 meters high, surrounded with 4 huge wings for student accommodation, contains 30 kilometers of corridors and 5000 rooms. The university has 41 faculties, and they are:

• Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

• Faculty of Computer Mathematics and Cybernetics

• Faculty of Physical Education

• Faculty of Chemistry

• Faculty of Material Science

• Faculty of Biology

• Faculty of Fundamental Medicine

• Faculty of Field Science

• Faculty of Geology

• Faculty of Geography

• Faculty of History

• Faculty of Philology

• Faculty of Foreign Languages

• Faculty of Philosophy

• Faculty of Sociology

• Faculty of Economics

• Faculty of Law

• Faculty of Journalism

• Faculty of Psychology

• Institute for African and Asian Studies

• Faculty of Public Administration

• Higher School of Business Administration

• Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

• Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics

• Moscow School of Economics

• Faculty of Education

• Biological Station “White Sea” of the Faculty of Biology

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education – Moscow, Russia