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About the clinic

Clinic applies safe and medically approved methods related to treating addictions that are implemented in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and many other countries. Many film stars from the US and European countries, the most prominent former world footballers and other famous people whose names will not be listed for privacy protection are among the patients who were cured of cocaine addiction according to this method. This treatment has no side effects and no contraindications. As soon as you read the information on our website, it would be easier to understand the scientific basis of these methods of treatment compared to the bad scientific topics about other methods currently being used.



DRUG ADDICTION – In 1992, doctor proved that the development of symptoms of addiction and abstinence (withdrawal) was associated with the accumulation of noradrenergic substances. These substances are generated in large quantities after taking each of opiate drugs (opium, heroin, morphine, codeine, methadone, etc.). Methods have been developed for the use of which noradrenergic substances can be removed from the brain using special preparations. After such treatment, the patient is relieved of dependency.

ALCOHOLISM – Is one of the addictions, mistakenly considered as a mental or hereditary disease, and accordingly, there are several unsuccessful and often harmful methods of treating alcoholism. Doctor has proven, and many scientific papers have confirmed, that two natural neurotransmitters, N -methyl-aspartate and glutamate accumulate in the brain of an alcoholic. These two substances cause personality disorders, neurosis, and psychosis symptoms with most alcoholics. Dr. Hiller has scientifically proven that mental disorders are the result of biochemical disorders in alcoholics, but not the main reason for the development of alcoholism. Over the past 22 years, Doctor has successfully cured dozens of thousands of alcoholics by using the method of brainwashing from the surplus of n-methyl-aspartate and glutamate and their receptors. Successful treatment is guaranteed.

SMOKING – Nicotine blocks the transfer of nerve impulses of a very important nervous system. This nervous system works through a neurotransmitter – „acetylcholine“. Neurotransmitters are substances that transmit information between nerve endings. A large amount of acetylcholine accumulates up to the blockage of nicotine in smokers. As soon as a smoker has failed to receive the next dose of nicotine for some reason, blocking is reduced, a large amount of acetylcholine is released and this results in typical symptoms from which smokers suffer: irritability, stress, loss of concentration, trembling, slow heart rate, etc. Dr. Hiller assist in quitting smoking by using a combination of three well-known drugs that eliminate nicotine from nerve endings and replace it, thus eliminating the abstinence syndrome and „suffering“ in smokers. This method is justified by the best medical centers, and is applied in 124 countries of the world. Successful treatment is guaranteed.

GAMBLING – n order to save people from gambling addiction, has thoroughly examined biochemical processes in human brain, and has developed an effective treatment of gambling addiction. A gambler secrets a large amount of endorphins and the level of N-methyl-aspartate glutamate in his organism increases (a substance that, in the absence of endorphins, causes irritation, aggression and sleep disorder). The combination of such factors defines the symptoms of physical gambling addiction. Gambling addiction has tragic results in personal and social life. A combination of drugs that regulate levels of endorphins and L-glutamate is inserted into the patient intravenously. The intravenous treatment phase lasts for up to two hours under the supervision of a doctor. Afterwards, patients take medication for two months, does not consider gambling as a „mental“ and psychiatric problem. He proved that gambling addiction is a real physical dependence that could be cured by his method.

COCAINE – Method of treating the problem of cocaine addiction is implemented in a way that a medicine is inserted intravenously within 2-3 hours and immediately afterwards a patient does not feel depression and apathy that is specific to cocaine addicts. Upon completion of the treatment, the patient receives drugs that return the normal function of the receptors responsible for a positive feeling, improve mood, increase the ability to work, increase alertness, regulate their sleep mode, step by step. The therapy is done for three months. During this period, a patient leads a normal life and is in contact with the clinic by Skype in order to get psychological, psychiatric support.