Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

University Clinic OKAN – Istanbul, Turkey


That’s why we chose the OKAN University and the OKAN University Clinic where all diagnostic procedures and treatments are done at one place. The clinic is located at an attractive location, 10 min from the airport „Sabiha Gokcen“.

The OKAN brand has a University with medical, pharmaceutical, dental and other faculties, as well as a clinic equipped with modern medical devices, the last word of the 21st century technique.

The OKAN University was established 18 years ago and provides higher education to students. The OKAN brand has achieved national and international success, with over a hundred specialist doctors, professor-lecturers and over 500 experienced employees.

The University Clinic OKAN has a capacity of 250 beds, 10 fully equipped operational rooms, and 47 beds for intensive care, 50,000 square meters of indoor space, equipped clinic and a polyclinic.

The OKAN University Clinic respects the rights of its patients.


VERSA HD is the latest generation of radiotherapy technology that has changed standards in the treatment of cancer and has set a high standard for certain types of tumors. It also can do a 3D CONFORMAL radiotherapy, IMRT and IGRT treatments quickly and precisely depending on SRS, and SBRT treatments carried out through GasamaKnife and CzberKnife equipment. Thanks to the structure of the kalimator with a five times lower dose of permeability, the risk of radiation of healthy organs is reduced and has the lowest risk of secondary tumor formation, which gives a significant advantage in the first stages of tumor in children. On the other hand, VERSA HD has the capacity to better capture the shape of the target mass and reduce the amount of dosage received by a healthy organ, with its 160 fields (MLC-Multi List Kolimator), which is actually the highest number.

PET-CT is a visualization device, a set of the latest Pet-CT oncology-diagnostic technology, a recording device consisting of a combination of positron emission tomography and computed tomography. It could provide information about a certain mass of whether it is benign or malignant, provides significant information in the metastasis of the cancer in the body. The PET-CT device that was installed at the hospital is the first 4-Ring Discovery IQ device in Turkey.

Hair Transplantation – Hair loss is one of the most common aesthetic problems affecting men in a higher proportion than women. Factors that affect hair loss are numerous and differ in men and women. Some of the factors are: genetic predisposition, hormonal disorder, stress, and smoking. The OKAN University Clinic has a unit with an experienced team of physicians dealing with hair transplantation with the finest and best quality equipment. The OKAN University Clinic follows the criteria of the HR system, giving a patient the top quality in each stage of transplantation. The best examples of these criteria are the maximum region of hair transplantation, fully sterilized operating rooms with an expert team. The Micro-Fue method is the best hair transplant surgery that guarantees 85% of success to a patient in treating the AGA (Androgenic Alopecia) in one session, with a very high success rate and, most importantly, a natural look. This method is the least invasive method of hair transplantation. The operation is done under local anesthesia. After the intervention, hair transplantation is completed; a patient could leave the clinic without any problems, without pain and complications. The medicines for a period of one month are included in the price of the treatment.

MAMMOGRAPHY – Among all the apparatus, this one is the most effective in recording and diagnostic, capable of detecting breast cancer at the earliest stage. The mammography device at the OKAN University hospital provides a high-quality and clean three-dimensional image thanks to the Contrast Spectral (CESM).

Medical departments at the OKAN University Hospital consist of: Emergency Assistance; Anesthesiology; Nutrition and Diet; Neurosurgery; Pediatrics; Child Surgery; Dermatology; Endocrinology, Infectology; Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation; Gastroenterology; General Surgery; Pulmonology; Pulmonary Surgery; Ophthalmology; Hematology; Internal; Gynecology-IVF and Delivery; Cardiology; Cardiovascular Surgery; Otolaryngology; Medical Oncology; Microbiology; Nephrology; Neurology; Nuclear Medicine; Transplantation; Orthopedics and Casualty Surgery; Surgery for Fertility; Perinatology; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Radiology; Psychiatry; Psychology; Radiation Oncology; Rheumatology; Laboratory: Urology; Intensive Care.

Diagnostic treatment units at the OKAN University Hospital are: Laboratory for Endoscopy; Ophthalmology; Cardiology; Center of Genetic Diagnosis; Lung Diseases; Clinical Laboratory; Serological Neurology; Nuclear Medicine; Pathology; Otolaryngology; Urology; Consultation of Intra-operative Pathology; Department of Radiology.