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VIP Turkey – Medproper



Kidney transplants in children and adults can be done in several comfortable clinics in Turkey represented by ELITE MEDICAL d.o.o. Belgrade. Transplantation can be performed in both cases: adults and young children older than one year.

To determine if it is possible to do a kidney transplant, it is necessary to submit data related to the patient and the donor.The patient and the donor come to the hospital together. Before coming to the clinic, they must have a document proving their kinship(data from the birth register), which is obtained by submitting an application to the Consulate in Istanbul with the submission of the above documents. The Consulate, after reviewing the documents, issues a certificate, and the patient delivers it to the hospital, because it is a requirement to be admitted for transplantation.

The stay in Istanbul is about 20 days-after the transplant, the patient is in intensive care for 2 days and in the hospital for 15 days, and the donor stays in the hospital for 7 days (max 10 days, it all depends on the general situation). The children stay in the hospital between 15-30 days.




Surgical treatment of obesity

Gastric „Sleeve“ resection

Gastric by-pass

in Istanbul from 2,500 EUROS ALL INCLUSIVE


If you want to lose weight, the Sleeve method is the right choice for you. Surgery reduces your stomach, so you eat less food and feel full faster. Recommended if your body weight is 40 or more BMI. It is usually performed laparoscopically, and the recovery process is fast. After surgery for the first month, your stomach tolerates very small amounts of liquid or mushy food and fluids. It is necessary to drink small amounts of water often during the day, in order to avoid dehydraThere is no yo-yo effect, and the weight  are lost quickly.

Solve your problem for health, and then for physical appearance.

We offer you a large selection of clinics in Turkey with the most modern medical technology and the most professional team of doctors in VIP apartments.

Choose one of the clinics offered below, ELITE MEDICAL will help you treat yourself comfortably and safely.