ELITE MEDICAL is a representative of a specialized laboratory from Germany, where you can get an expert and accurate opinion with the ATP chemosensitivity test, which cytostatics can help you in further safe treatment.

Tumor chemosensitivity test results show which cytostatic drugs or combinations of cytostatic drugs optimally attack the tumor and which drugs are not or are little effective. The result of the test for the doctor who is treating you offers reliable help in making a decision in order to identify the individual and most effective therapy. Rapid and targeted tumor therapy can be crucial to the patient’s life. If the treatment is based on the test result, a smaller amount of cytostatics is used, which can significantly reduce side effects. Another positive effect with optimal patient care, treatment costs are reduced.

For the ATP tumor chemosensitivity test (Sartori-Test®, ATP-TCA), a tissue sample is taken and incubated in tumor-selective cell culture with various cytostatics.

You can do the ATP-TCA test:


 for 4 tested drugs

One culture plate with 4 (four cytostatic drugs) test. (set-up, sample preparation, cytologic examination, cell culture, drugs, calculation, interpretation of results, documentation and communication). Cytostatic drugs are tested separately or in combinations. Domestic transportation is included.


 for 8 tested drugs

Two culture plates as indicated above, with 8 (eight) cytostatic drugs, tested individually or in combinations.


 for 12 tested drugs

Three culture plates as indicated above, with 12 (twelve) cytostatic drugs, tested individually or in combinations.


Individualized Chemotherapeutic Treat­ment using ATP-Tumor Chemosensitivity Assay (ATP-TCA)



Malignant tumors respond very heterogeneic onto drugs used in chemotherapeutic treatment of can­cer. For reason of this heterogeneity, patients frequently do not respond onto (standard) chemothe­rapeutic treatment. ATP-TCA correctly predicts the individual response to cytotoxic drug application to patient specimen.

ATP-TCA – the Concept

Simple, reproducible technology

High success rate

Testing of single and combinated drugs

Evaluation of dose-response relation ships within the entire physiological range

Clearly defined and published criteria for data analysis and interpretation

Excellent correlation with clinical response (in vivo)

ATP-TCA – the Decision Maker:

Determining individual tumor sensitivity and resistance

Avoiding unnecessary toxic treatment

Choosing from standard therapeutic


Treatment of unidentified primary tumors (CUP)

Chemotherapy of rare tumors

Planning for salvage therapy

Optimizing treatment in terms of efficacy, toxicity and cost

Why should you receive customized Chemotherapy?


Each human being is uniquely different. This holds true not only for visible appearances, but also for cells, tissues and – in case of a cancerous disease – a tumor.

For this reason, not every cytostatic drug used in chemotherapy to fight cancer, will be effective with every patient. But which one will be most effective in your treatment? Which cytostatic drug will kill your tumor cells? Until now, your oncologist could only rely on past experience and take an educated guess.

SartoriTest®, a highly sensitive method to determine the efficacy of cytostatic drugs on tumor cells, provides this precise information and eliminates the guess work.

Applying specific knowledge about the efficacy of cytostatic drugs on your tumor, the oncologist can individually tailor the best chemotherapy regimen for you and, importantly, can avoid treatment with ineffective drugs causing intoxication.

How is SartoriTest® performed?


During surgery, biopsy or patient examination, a sample of the tumor is taken and sent directly to our laboratory in Hamburg/ Germany.

There, after dissociation of the solid tumor sample to single cells and transfer into a special medium, the cells are exposed to various cytostatic drugs. Effective drugs can be singled out from ineffective ones based on their ability or inability to kill the tumor cells.

Are the Test Results reliable?


SartoriTest® was extensively evaluated with several thousand patient specimens. These evaluations have demonstrated that the assay predicts with a great reliability those drugs which are ultimatively effective for the tumor at hand.

Numerous scientific publications have further supported these findings.

In addition, SartoriTest® can also indicate which cytostatic drug will be ineffective in the ongoing treatment. Thus, a particular chemotherapy regimen can be chosen with the best long-term impact on the patient‘s disease.

Trial-and-error, unnecessarily burdening the body, can be avoided.

Finally, in case several drugs are equally suitable, your oncologist can actually choose those with fewer side effects.