Relax program for eyes

Relax program for eyes


  • • Actively use the computer

  • • Are a student

  • • Expose eyes to high pressure

If you feel:

  • • Tiredness in the eyes.

  • • Pain and tears.

  • • Dryness and prickle in the eyes.

  • • Increased sensitivity to strong light.

  • • Slower focusing, duplication.

  • • See things vaguely.

If you want to:

  • • Help yourself and your loved ones in eliminating these symptoms.

  • • Preserve eye health.

  • • See the world around you as it is.

Relax! 2

This is a kind of eye gymnastics. Special moving images on the screen force the eyes to try to focus first further and then closer. Regular stimulation trains the ability to focus, prevents eye fatigue, and prevents computer vision syndrome and short-sightedness. This mode of stimulation is based on the results of the analysis of overseas experimental studies. By clinical results, it does not lag behind „classical methods“ and is used to treat short-sightedness. In an individual approach, this program monitors the activities of a computer user. It reminds them that it’s time to take a break or to continue with stimulation.


  • • Easy to use

  • • Easy to use at home, workplace or computer cabinet

  • • Saves time and money

The program „Relax! 2“ has been applied in medical practice since 1996. Its high efficacy has been confirmed in numerous ophthalmologists’ publications. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in 1999 recommended the use of the program „Relax! 2“ even at home.


This program is designed for prevention and treatment of the disorders of accommodation. The program is intended to recover the accommodative ability of an eye, and is used in treating myopia and visual impairment.
It is recommended as a prevention of short-sightedness in children, farsightedness of older generation, and reduction of eye fatigue in working with computers, both personal computer users and employees whose profession requires great eye effort.

Contraindications: Children and adults who have epilepsy and those who had febrile seizure should not use the program.