Spine disorders

Spine disorders

An effective treatment of the pathology of the locomotor system.

In particular, the following are successfully treated: osteochondrosis, hernia (protrusions), intervertebra disks, arthrosis, and other diseases, problems with joints, spine-discus hernias

► The applied method is based on the activation of regeneration (restoration) of the damaged tissue by introduction of the ALLOPLANT biomaterial (patents RF No. 2556959, No. 2519119, No. 2546538, No. 2555776).
► The dosage of ALLOPLANTA depends on the degree of tissue damage, usually 1, 2 or 3 doses are sufficient, in exceptional cases, it may reach 7 or more doses. If a patient, after taking a single dose of biomaterials, feels even a slight positive effect, the probability of success in treatment would be very high, and would be determined by the number of taking ALLOPLANTA. See www.alloplant.ru

Protrusia (degeneration of the intervertebra disc) and hernia

Revival – recovery of normal disk configuration

More about the treatment of spine or joint with „ALLOPLANT“, in the following video: